⊷  Plot more than one modality in the same time: fMRI/MEG/EEG source activity with electrodes and connectivity.

⊶  Filter the selected sources (EEG/MEG evoked response for cortical labels, electrodes, etc) according to selected function (e.g. RMS between two conditions).

⊷  Play activity over time interactively. The activity is being plotted on the brain and shown as time-series graphs.

⊶  Report generator dynamically modified from HTML template with figures created on MMVT.

⊷  Create a 3D brain, including the cortex and the subcortical structures, from FreeSurfers MRI scan reconstruction.

⊶  Interactive 3D view of the brain, including rotation, zooming and shifting. The user can also hide each hemisphere and subcortical region.

⊷  Parcellae the cortex into cortical labels.

      ◦  Homogeneously color all labels or each label separately. 

      ◦  Color the contours of all labels or each label separately.

⊶  Interactive slice viewer that is synched with the 3D brain model, supports MRI and CT.

⊷ Import the pial surface on the slice viewer which is reconstructed from the MRI scan.

⊶  3D slicer divides the 3D brain model in 3 different axis viewpoints.

⊷  Morph between the pial surface, the inflated surface and the flat surface.

⊶  Calculate the skull thickness in an interactive panel for surgery planning.

⊷  Manually color different parts of the cortex and subcortical structures.

⊶  Customize the color bar appearance and color palette.



⊷  Load a 2D niftii file, and plot it on the brain.

⊶  Project a 3D niftii file on the cortex and subcortical regions and plot it.

⊷  Run FsFast on raw data and plot the resulting contrast map.

⊶  Cluster a contrast map and visualize interactively the different clusters while showing the information about each cluster (size, max value, intersected cortical labels, etc.).

⊷  Clean and analyze resting state data.

      ◦  Calculate the time-series for the cortical labels and subcortical regions. 

      ◦  Calculate the time-series for the cortical and subcortical vertices.

⊷  Clean and filter raw data.

⊶  Calculate the evoked responses (both on task and rest data):

      ◦  On sensors level and interactively visualize them.

      ◦  On source space (using MNE, dSPM, sLORETA and more) per cortical label or vertice and interactively visualize.

⊷  Cluster source space activity into cortical ROIs and interactively visualize them.

⊶  Load an existing stc file and plot it on the cortex.

⊷  Visualize EEG 3D topoplot.



⊷  Visualize the electrodes in the subject’s MRI space and color them according to their activity.

⊶  Analyze each electrode source according to the subject’s anatomy and visualize the probabilistic model on the cortex and subcortical regions.

⊷  Snap grids (ECoG) electrodes on the cortical surface.

⊶  Import and analyze edf files.

⊷  Automatic method for detecting depth electrodes from a CT scan, and group them together into different leads (~95% accuracy).

⊶  Visualize live stream data from a remote server or device.

⊷  Calculate connectivity between fMRI/MEG cortical labels and interactively visualize it on the 3D brain.

⊶  Calculate connectivity between invasive electrodes and interactively visualize it on the 3D brain.

⊷  Calculate degree of connectivity fMRI/MEG cortical labels and interactively visualize it.



⊷  Render the 3D brain using the Blender “cycles” engine, including transparency, lighting, material types and more.

⊶  Render videos including the time series graph.

⊷  Create high resolution figures one at a time or from all perspectives at once.

⊶  Create high resolution videos including an option to preset automated rotation angle.

⊷  Import the outer skin, which is reconstructed from the MRI scan.

⊷  Run scripts in the background without using the GUI (e.g. save activity in different perspectives, render movies, and more).

⊶  Call MMVT object from a script, while Blender is running in the background on a remote server (can be run in Jupyter notebooks).


File Types Supported as Input

⊷  Anatomy (MRI/CT): dicoms and nii/mgz files.

⊶  fMRI / PET: nii/mgz files.

⊷  EEG / MEG: fif, stc.

⊶  Electrodes: edf, or mat/npz files with the relevant fields

⊷  Connectivity: mat/npz with the relevant fields.

⊶  Visualize live stream data from a remote server or device.

⊷  mne-python

⊶  FreeSurfer, Freeview and fsFast

⊷  SPM

Compatibility With Other Softwares